A Campaign I Can Actually Support

I'm not huge on this whole graphic t-shirt trend that's been happening lately, but I did find one that I really love, a shirt with a cute slogan that really just speaks to me on a deep and meaningful level: "Champagne Campaign". To be worn to brunch on Sunday and appreciated with a mimosa or shopping with friends to be toasted to at lunch. However it is worn, I will stand by this campaign -- a much more reliable campaign than the political one that is currently a mess... Anyways: cheers, let's pop the bubbly to a campaign I can actually support!

(I wore a Champagne Campaign t-shirt from Etsy, white ankle jeans from AG Jeans, a vintage brown leather belt, brown croc leather Daniel Wellington watch, a Club Monaco tassel bracelet, an old turquoise petal necklace from Francesca's, brown leather Schettino loafers from Italy, and carried a turquoise monogrammed purse from Gigi New York.)

Thanks Noah for the photos!

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