Casual and Neutral

So this past weekend I lost my voice, which is invariably the most frustrating problem for someone like me who loves to fill most silences with needless chatter. I've been pantomiming my way through most communications and sometimes my voice will decide to work for a couple hours again before it fades away in a fit of coughs. Thankfully, I've been able to skirt by most of my communications by texting my responses to people in a sort of conversation. I'm sure the people at dinner the other night thought I was rude as my friend talked to me and all I did was stare down at my phone in response. Oh well... But anyways one of my favorite things about my schedule this semester is having relatively free weekends, which means I have time to wander around the city and explore. One of the best ways to see New York City is to stroll around aimlessly -- you'll happen upon tons of great things and meet so many exciting people! 

(I wore a navy crewneck sweater from Brandy Melville over a white JCrew oversized button down, a beige quilted Barbour jacket, dark wash AG skinny jeans, beige and gold New Balance sneakers, a layered elephant necklace from Forever 21, a gold bracelet from Banana Republic, and carried a navy and white striped Barrington Gifts tote bag.)