Check It Out: Daniel Wellington

I'm sure you've seen pictures of them floating around the blogosphere, the timelessly classic Daniel Wellington timepieces. They come in a great variety, from some gorgeous leather bands with crystal studded faces to some fun preppy striped color combo nylon bands with more simple numerical faces. And one of the coolest features is that the straps and watch faces are interchangeable! If you buy yourself a brown croc leather watch (like the one I have) but then find that you also really want a navy and white striped nylon strap, it's really easy to buy the new strap and switch them! Here's a handy tutorial to help you understand. I honestly can't stop wearing mine since I got one -- it matches almost everything! So are you the kind of person who likes to know what time it is and who like to look stylish when checking? Do you wear watches as a key accessory to your wardrobe? Do you wish you could mix and match your watches to suit your every need? Then you should get one of these watches! 

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