Living Colorfully

One of the hippest areas in Miami is Wynwood. It's funny how you can paint a few Instagram-worthy graffiti walls, throw in some trendy eateries, spruce up a few parks, and bam, your area is cool. Okay, I know there's a little more to it than that but you've got to appreciate the power of social media marketing to revive neighborhoods like Wynwood. I, for one, love walking around the area exploring the colorful walls around each corner and I feel like every time I go I discover some new spot. We started our day at MIAM Cafe for brunch and it was incredibly delicious. I had the smoothie of the day, an egg and cheese croissant sandwich, and an order of cinnamon duffins (donut-muffins) that were all amazing. I even wound up ordering a dozen duffins to go. We then made our way in and out of the art galleries and boutiques, stopping for a bit in Zak the Baker, grabbing ice cream at Serendipity Creamery, and then sadly heading out for the drive home. On the way back to our car, though, we found one of the brightest walls I'd seen tucked behind an unsightly carpark. Wynwood is a funny little area like that, a mix of the pretty and the grungy, definitely still finding its voice. 

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