Make It Work

Every girl knows the struggle when your favorite pair of heels gets worn into the ground. I've personally had to get rid of shoes because the support on the heel was so damaged and it sucks. Or that horrifying moment when you want to wear heels to an event, like a wedding, but it's outside and you're sure to be walking on grass and uneven terrain. I was a bridesmaid back in high school and the heels I wore broke midway through -- luckily I found a pair of flats to wear, but horribly inconvenient! 

Your savior is here! Check out Solemates, a company that makes protectors for your heels and for your feet. The heel protectors are so practical and come in a variety of colors and sizes so they'll work with almost any heel. They also make useful things like freshen spray to keep shoes from smelling and an anti-friction balm that prevents blisters (how had none of this been invented yet?!). Some seemingly simple products that can make a world of difference. 

Heel protectors courtesy of Solemates!

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