Pink is Always in Season

I had such a wonderful time this past weekend when Ashley came to visit me in NYC! She took the train up from where she'd been staying in D.C. on Thursday afternoon and it was a whirlwind from the moment she arrived, in the best way. We immediately headed to SoHo, where after a little shopping we met up with the Dagne Dover team at their offices for happy hour. Dagne Dover is this awesome handbag company that makes stylish purses with organizational pouches built in, so that you won't always be losing your stuff in your huge bag -- a problem so many women have! The founder, Melissa, went to NYU and we had such a great conversation about the fashion industry, entrepreneurship, women in business, and more. Ashley and I spent somewhere around 3 hours at the office chatting with these amazing women about the company and they sent us off with these bucket bags that are so trendy and so practical! Leaving the offices, we wandered our way to Murray's for a deliciously cheesy dinner, then it was back home for an early evening. 

Friday we awoke bright and early to head to brunch on the Lower East Side/Nolita at Cafe Henrie, with a quick stop along the way at Pietra Nolita for its pastel pink façade. The LES and Nolita are rife with cute little cafes, graffiti walls galore, and tons of trendy places to stop. Cafe Henrie is known not only for its iconic pink and blue tabletops, it also has really delicious brunch food and coffee (try the egg sandwich, you won't regret it). After brunch we tooled around downtown, meandering our way northwest through graffitied and cobblestoned backstreets towards NYU, eventually hopping on the 6 train to head uptown for some afternoon adventures. 

Shop my outfit below:

*Bucket bag courtesy of Dagne Dover*