Color Me Pink

I usually avoid Brooklyn at all costs but when Ashley was visiting she wanted to experience it. I figured while we were over there we could go to this fun colorful sidewalk mural I'd been wanting to visit. After a few hours walking around Dumbo and Williamsburg, though, Ashley agreed with me that she'd had more than enough and we were happy to head back to the civilization that is Manhattan. Brooklyn is fine for some, and it does have its moments of charm and trendiness that I appreciate, but overall it's just not my cup of tea. I do enjoy some of the trendy little spots though, like a cool coffee shop we stopped at called Devoción. When we decided to head back to the city we were nowhere near a subway and the Uber price would've been too much, so my Apple maps actually suggested the downtown ferry ride to the Wall St. Pier. Though the ferry was a half an hour late it was a fun experience to speed along the East River at sunset. 

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