Headed Down South

I made my way down to Charleston this past weekend, technically to photograph a wedding, but also because I have been wanting to visit Charleston for awhile now. Unsurprisingly to anyone that knows me, I loved it. My friends have been saying that I would and as much as I believed them I hadn't had the chance to go until now. It was just the prettiest, most charming city, and every street was perfectly picturesque. I kept exclaiming "wow that's so pretty!" at every turn, to the point where Carter was probably getting annoyed. Carter was the main photographer for the wedding and asked me to be the second photographer awhile back and I of course said sure. Her great-great-great-grandbig in her sorority family was the bride and Carter had shot their engagement photos last year. We had a long but fun day Saturday shooting the gorgeous wedding which took place at a plantation outside of town amidst falling leaves and a backdrop of a big white house with wraparound porch. There was country music playing all day and night, chicken and waffles and grits for dinner, an oyster fry as a snack later in the night, and tons of Gators fans cheering as they narrowly won the game against LSU. It was quintessentially southern in all the best ways. Friday and Sunday mornings with the free time we had we explored downtown, eating some delicious southern food, taking pictures left and right, and perusing cute little boutiques. There is still so much more that I want to see and I fully plan to make it back as soon as possible! Charleston certainly lived up to the hype and then some!

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