Take A Bite Out of Fall

I had some free time last weekend and my friend Ashley was up at Yale doing some research, so I hopped on a train last minute and made my way to Connecticut. Ashley had driven her car up from Florida so it was easy to get around and when she picked me up at the train station we headed straight off to pick some apples at Lyman Orchards. The day was a little hazy and grey, but we kept hoping for some sun to break through, and about half way through the orchard it finally did! We spent awhile walking up and down the lines of apple trees, wondering what variety was the sweetest and which were the best color of red. Though it was a bit late in the season and many of the apples had fallen, we still managed to find a few good apples. After the orchard, we stopped at the Lyman store to pick up some apple cider donuts (much needed), then stopped for lunch at Luce in Middletown, where I had this amazing mushroom ravioli in a truffle cream sauce that's making my mouth water just writing about it. It was a lovely fall day, chilly breeze and hazy skies and all, colorful leaves floating all around. After lunch it was time for me to head back to New Haven, where I fell asleep within minutes of sitting down on the train back to the city.