Cozy Up Into Fall

I feel like fall came out of nowhere -- one day it was 80 degrees and sunny and I woke up the next day to 60 degree temps and a chilly breeze. This semester, in order to catch up on credits, I'm taking five classes. It's definitely a lot of work but on the plus side, all of my classes are really interesting. I'm taking two different Fashion Business classes, a Retail Strategy course, a class about the history of "good manners" and fashion called Accessorizing the Renaissance, and a class about the history of environmental science. Of course, in addition to all my class work, I'm still trying to maintain a social life and find time for the blog. It's all a delicate balance and I've been entirely lacking motivation lately (a bad case of senioritis?) but hopefully I can get out of the slump. All I really feel like doing though as the weather gets gloomy and the leaves start to change: curl up inside with a good book or a Netflix show and just forget about all the stuff I have to do. 

Thanks Reed for the photos!

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