Cold Never Bothered Me Anyways

...well, that's not entirely true, but I have gotten remarkably adjusted since having moved to the city. I survived a blizzard, for crying out loud, one of the worst in New York City history! The city is so beautiful right now though and despite the few piles of dirty snow here and there, it's been fairly "warm."

I'm actually so excited for this upcoming semester. I just started a new job as a Social Media Intern at Laura Mercier, a cosmetics and beauty brand, and already have started Tweeting and Instagramming it up (you should follow @lauramercier and check out the great products they offer)! I'm also taking really interesting classes: Fashion and Power, which is about the different power structures of the fashion industry from race to gender to income; Classical Mythology, which is self-explanatory but is a subject I've always been fascinated by; Media & Empire, which discusses the interplay of different forms of media with regards to political empire building; and finally, Think Big: Sustainable Design, a class that's really outside the box where we literally discuss ideas about how to stop climate change and how to communicate those ideas effectively to a broad and often unreceptive audience. In addition to work and classes, I've been trying to amp up growth in other areas of my life, like working out. I just signed up for yoga classes and boxing classes, so it's off to a good start and I'm so happy I have time to stay more physically active. I'm also doing Yoga Fix 90, which is a 90 day challenge that my roommate and I found on YouTube and are motivating each other to keep up with, doing about 30 minutes of yoga each day! Further, I've been doing a lot more photography again, so if you or anyone you know needs photos taken, please let me know and I'd be happy to help! You can check out my previous work at !! So that's the gist and we'll see how it goes, but so far so good! :)

(I wore a light blue flounce blouse from Banana Republic, a camel colored suede a-line skirt, a white scarf from Zara, leopard pointed toe Nine West flats, a gold knot necklace from the holiday market, and an Orelia ring.)