Three Cheers: Part II

So I've briefly mentioned in past posts that I'm working two jobs, but I may as well elaborate. I'm still working at Getty Images in the Research department, as I have been for over a year now. It's such a great work environment, my coworkers and boss are the friendliest people, the work itself isn't strenuous and is usually fairly straightforward and laid back. I feel like I've been a little bit spoiled working at Getty as my first real big-girl job. I feel this even more and increasingly more as I started a new internship as a Public Relations Intern at Salvatore Ferragamo, the infamous major fashion house. Essentially my major jobs so far have included helping to send out samples, receive samples, and organize samples (samples of the major Ferragamo product from the current season); organizing magazine archives that reference Ferragamo product; creating a "Facebook" of the people that would attend the Milan Fashion Show; and various other odd jobs from meeting with a Vogue stylist as he picked out pieces from the store "to show to Anna [Wintour]" and booking plane tickets for one of my bosses. There's not a single job description I can even give because there are so many things constantly being thrown at us as PR Interns. I made this whole decision to work in fashion and this is my first taste working in the industry and let me tell you, it is chaos. Somehow people seem to view these clothes as highly as one might view the cure for cancer or an end to the wars in the Middle East. One thing I'm trying to do is keep a sense of humor about the whole experience even when I feel like my life is straight out of a scene from The Devil Wears Prada. No really, you know the scene where Emily is frantically running through the streets, arms laden with bags, only to get hit by a car sending silk Hermes scarves flying into the air? Near miss, but I had a very similar moment. In order to change the fashion industry, I need to learn about the industry and this is a hell of a way to start. 

(I wore a Club Monaco white cropped sweater, American Apparel beige leather skirt, American Apparel navy and white striped belt, Jessica Simpson nude platform pumps, Kiel James Patrick pearl bracelet, a pearl necklace, and blue Francesca's earrings.)

Thanks Carter for the photos! Check out: Carter Fish Photography