Embrace the Sunshine

Same old story: Floridian living in New York City, balking at the throngs of grey and black, clinging to the remnants of her love for prints and bright colors, defying the judgmental glances of fashion-week-goers and trendy normcore wearers. "I love color," I scream without words. I hope you're blinded by the turquoise and pink. When I first moved to New York I felt self conscious at times about my style, that it wasn't "city" enough. But I've grown increasingly defiant about the whole ordeal. I want my life to be bright and pretty and fun and my clothes and style tend to reflect that. Even as I grow more and more New Yorker by the day, I will always appreciate the value of a bright shirt and a great Lilly print. Because as Lilly says, "Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink." 

My friend Carter is spending the semester here in the city from the University of Florida and it's so fun to see the city again the way I saw it when I first moved here. The idea of wearing all black, the lightning fast walking pace, the grit and excitement of it all -- there are so many uniquely New York things that I've gotten surprisingly used to in these past couple years and I'm taken aback to realize just how much I've changed. It's especially interesting since, by New York standards, I'm still pretty preppy. Yet when I moved here I only owned one black shirt that I rarely wore, now the black is creeping into my wardrobe. I used to be a baffled tourist and now I angrily push through the crowds of baffled tourists. I know what restaurants to go to for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, and I know what restaurants I still have yet to try. I've gotten better at keeping up with events happening throughout the city and I've gotten more confident venturing into other boroughs... Though I'm still a little afraid of Bushwick if I'm being honest... I may not be full on hipster, but I'm proud to say I've embraced my own breed of New Yorker.

(I wore a turquoise chiffon Wilfred shirt from Aritzia, AG denim dark wash jeans, Lilly Pulitzer Riley tassel trim printed scarf, Express brown peep-toe booties, JCrew circle necklace, and a Banana Republic link bracelet.) 

Thanks Carter for the photos! Check out: Carter Fish Photography