NYC: Souvlaki GR

Souvlaki GR

To be quite honest, I've never been the biggest fan of Greek food. It has a lot to do with my rampant hatred for dill, a spice that's used in almost every dish. But when my friends Nick and Reine were staying with me last week, they said "Hey, we're craving a good Greek dinner, do you know of any places?" I did a little research and found the cutest place: Souvlaki GR, a quaint little piece of Mykonos nestled amongst the trendiness of the Lower East Side. Their entire MO was authenticity, from the house red wine in small plain glasses to the flaky spanakopita and salty feta cheese on the Greek salad. I then brought my friend Joel, who was raised Greek and speaks the language, back for dinner and he loved it, speaking Greek with the waitress and comparing recipes to those of his yaya. They even have a small market inside where you can buy Greek goods. Take my word for it as someone who usually doesn't like Greek food, I love this place, it has renewed my interest in the cuisine.