Back to Work

Summer is winding down... It pains me to say that, really, I am not looking forward to how busy this semester is going to be. I start work again in a few days, back at Getty. At least that won't be stressful, returning to a job that I enjoy with my great boss and friendly coworkers, actually knowing what I need to do. Meanwhile my class schedule is still a mess as I'm waitlisted for two classes, I am still awaiting the appointment of an advisor since I just transferred programs, without an advisor I can't get any of the forms that I need approved, I'm planning Pref Night for my sorority's recruitment, and all in all there's a lot that's going to be thrown at me in the coming months. The stress is looming in the near distance and this whole back-to-the-real-world thing is going to be weird after the whole chilling-out-in-Europe thing. Never grow up, kids. Growing up sucks.

(I wore a pinstriped JCrew button down, Ann Taylor tile pattern pencil skirt, white Aldo pointed-toe heels [similar here], light blue Asos scalloped cross body purse, pearl necklace, and pearl earrings.)

Thanks Lena for the photos!

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