Interview Ready

One of the reasons I'm back in the city is to interview for internships. A couple of opportunities presented themselves recently that could prove to be great experiences added to my repertoire, so hopefully it all works out!

Here's some of my tips for interviewing:

Be Open and Friendly -- Don't be nervous. Just be yourself. Show the interviewer what makes you unique, whether it's a project you did at a previous job that would directly influence your success at this new job or a particular hobby of yours that may help make a connection with them. "Oh wow, you like Chipotle? That's such a coincidence, so do I! What's your favorite thing to order?"

Dress the Part -- Clearly, I'm interested in fashion, so I'm constantly worrying about what impression my clothes will play in any given situation. But this means more than just dressing well overall. It means if you are interviewing at a very serious law firm you will likely want to wear a professional suit in a neutral color, but if you're interviewing at a liberal design company you can likely get away with some fun color and pattern that shows more personality. And, of course, the golden rule to follow is that you can never be overdressed or overeducated. More is more.

Don't Take on More Than You Can Handle -- If they ask you to work four days a week and you've already got a full class schedule and extracurriculars and a social life, it may not be the best idea to say yes. Know your schedule ahead of time and don't say yes to too much, because it's better to do well at a few things than mediocre at a lot of things.

Bring Extra Copies of Your Resume -- Self explanatory, this will ensure the interviewer has a visual of what you are likely saying to them and they can makes notes as you talk.

Do Your Research -- It helps to know something about the place you are interviewing! Spend a little time looking into what their company is all about, that way you can seem truly interested by showing your knowledge in conversation and you can tailor your responses based on the values of that company. For example, if they are adamant about customer service, it may a good idea to mention a little anecdote about how you served a customer well in the past. 

Provide Examples -- Yes, you say that you are very organized, but providing an example is a much more effective way to communicate your skills. Be prepared with a few good examples of skills they might ask you about.

Ask Good Questions -- Interviews are not a one sided conversation and by asking good questions you will show your truly interested in the job. Here's a few standout questions to ask your interviewer: good questions to ask

(I wore a black Zara top with ruffled sleeves, white Topshop scalloped mini skirt, Salvatore Ferragamo light blue heels, light blue Asos scalloped cross body purse, pearl necklace, pearl earrings, and Erwin Pearl charm bracelet.)