Uptown Girl

My favorite area in the whole city is, predictably, the Upper East Side. Central Park is within a few avenues, the buildings are beautifully designed and the streets are spacious and tree-lined, the people are clean-cut and snooty, the restaurants boast French names, and the prices of the stores rise with the numbers of the streets. The air feels different here, less congested, and the sun feels cleaner as it shines on your back. New York City can quickly feel overwhelming, but there is a relieving hush on the Upper East Side, where the elite first settled along the edges of the park to escape the maddening city to the south. That atmosphere still lingers as you glance up at the Parisian-inspired grandiose façades and pass by the liveried doormen who likely know more about the world here than any would care to admit.  

(I wore a Club Monaco burgundy floral romperJessica Simpson nude heels, globe necklace from a boutique in Mykonos, airplane necklace from the Union Square holiday market, and white Kate Spade envelope cross body bag.)

Thanks Lena for the photos!