The Colors Guide You Home

While in Venice, we spent a day touring the islands of Murano and Burano. Murano is famous for its production of glass and there is little else on the island but the glass factories and workshops. The local joke is, apparently, if you want a sandwich on Murano, expect it to be made of glass. Burano, the next island, is famous both for its particular type of lace and for the colorful houses that line its small streets. It is historically, and still largely today, a fishing island and the wives of the fisherman painted the houses in bold colors so that they could see the shore though the fog at sea and find their way back home. The local story is that the fisherman liked to drink their weight in beer all day as they were fishing and the only way they could find their way home stumbling drunk was to recognize the particular color of their house. You can believe whichever story you like, but the matter is that the town is beautifully bright. Both were beautiful little islands and I learned a lot about the history and geography of Venice, something I'd never really known. 

(I wore a Lilly Pulitzer for Target green crop top, white cropped Zara jean shorts, a vintage brown belt, white Aldo sandals, pearl necklace, and pearl earrings.)

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