Florence Diaries: All Your Eggs in One Basket

Happy Easter / Buona Pasqua to everyone! I hope you all had a great day and a wonderful holiday weekend, full of all the chocolate bunnies your heart desires. Did you know that 76% of Americans say that the ears should be eaten first on a chocolate bunny? I personally eat the ears first, as well, what a weird habit we all have... Easter, for me, recalls memories of easter egg hunts and awaiting that large pastel basket full of goodies. I'm not a religious person and the holiday has never had religious connotation for me, so spending the weekend in Rome was interesting, with crowds gathering to catch a glimpse of the pope. Every year at Easter the pope gives his papal address (urbi et orbi) to the world, broadcasting to millions. This year, Pope Francis spoke in the pouring rain, but the crowds didn't seem to mind. Lucky for me, I was in a car heading towards the Amalfi Coast, so I avoided the craziness and raininess of the day in favor of some coastal views. Hallelujah to that, if I do say so myself.

(My Easter attire was a yellow printed Lilly Pulitzer dress, brown leather bow belt from Target, gold and silver clasp bracelet from Banana Republic, Olive + Piper double stud pearl earrings, and Maiden Lane white thong sandals.)