Florence Diaries: When Life Gives You Lemons

...make Limoncello?

This weekend was spent basking in the warmth of the Amalfi Coast. It got off to a very rough start when Thursday night our bus broke down and we sat on the side of the road near Rome for 7 hours, a 12 hour bus trip total. Needless to say that was awful. We arrived at the hotel in Sorrento at last around 9:15 Friday morning, exhausted, but we had an hour to get ready and get back onto a bus to head towards Positano. Despite the lack of sleep, I'm convinced it's impossible to be unhappy on the Amalfi Coast. I spent the day in Positano on the beach with a panini, a bottle of Pinot Grigio, and some friends. At one point we took a boat down the shore where we jumped into the [freezing cold] water and swam into some caves, which was actually very fun, notwithstanding possible hypothermia. On Saturday we took the ferry to Capri, where we hopped right onto a two hour boat tour around the island. Have I mentioned I'm highly prone to seasickness? Though the water was very rough and the day was a little overcast, it was still a cool way to see the island and we got to go into the Blue Grotto, which is this incredible sea cave that glows an effervescent aquamarine with the reflected sunlight. We spent the rest of the day in the main town of Capri, eating a light lunch and wandering the beautiful streets and gardens. Then it was back to Sorrento, dinner, and much needed sleep. Sunday morning I took the train to Pompeii, where I had about an hour to explore. I had been there when I was younger and remember being absolutely in awe and this time was no disappointment. It is so cool to see the in tact frescoes on the wall, the jars and pots that were preserved, this whole piece of history frozen in time by the volcano. I took the train back, grabbed a quick lunch and some souvenirs in Sorrento, then it was back onto a bus for another 8 hours. Though it was tiring, to be sure, it was an awesome final hurrah before finals week and the end of the semester. 

(I wore a Rinascimento blue and yellow striped dress bought on Capri, gold Schettino loafers also bought on Capri, straw bow hat from the San Lorenzo Market in Florence [inspiration from Ashley at History in High Heels], pearl necklace, and lemon wedge Lilly Pulitzer stud earrings.)

Thanks Cassie for the photos!

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