Florence Diaries: It's Not All Black and White

It's that time of the semester again -- you know, when all the work piles up and suddenly everything seems to be due at once and stress becomes your middle name. Plus, there's the abroad stress of still wanting to travel places before leaving Europe. Extra bonus points added for applying to summer and fall internships, searching for a place to live in New York, and being sick for the past two weeks. Ah yes, breathe in the fresh spring scent of wisteria and desperation. Okay, okay, I shouldn't be complaining -- I'm in Italy, right? It's so beautiful here in the springtime now that the flowers are all in bloom and the sun is warm and bright and the grass and trees are full. I decided to channel my favorite designer collection from the recent season, the oh-so-fitting Italian brand Dolce and Gabbanna, which is currently full of plush wisteria prints and contrasting black and white stripes. Side note, meet my friend Rory, the girl who encouraged me to start my blog from the second I mentioned the idea. She's as fabulous as they come. 

(I wore a black and white striped jumpsuit from Asos, black Vince Camuto loafers, triangle necklace from a boutique in South Africa, and Olive + Piper gold and silver earrings. Rory wore a black and white Forever 21 jumpsuit, Scuola del Cuoio bracelet, and Tricker's of England loafers.)

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