New Heights

And yes, I am talking about the soaring height of these boots... Tell me these aren't so freaking cute? The over-the-knee boot is so trendy right now and it'll really keep you extra warm all the leg up. 

Fall is lasting awhile here in the city and it's been so inconsistently hot and cold and back to hot with very little notice -- it's always hard to dress when you don't know what the weather could be at any given day. The sleeveless sweater is another fall staple that has been super trendy lately and it's so practical because it'll keep you cozy but it won't overheat you, but if you are a little chilly you can throw a jacket over it and be fine. I'm really glad it's been a mild fall thus far and fingers crossed it'll be a mild winter -- I got lucky and missed the awful cold last winter when I was in Florence. I'd be content to forgo the biting winds, slippery snow, and ten layers of bulky clothing that mean wintertime up north...

(I wore a sleeveless grey turtleneck sweater from Club Monaco, black AG Jeans skinny jeans, Steve Madden grey over-the-knee heeled boots, crystal earrings from Anthropologie, gold chain and rope bracelet from JCrew, and a pink cross body purse from Kate Spade.) 

Thanks Carter for the photos! Check out: Carter Fish Photography