Not So Secret Garden

Yes, hi, it is me again, still alive (barely). Just got back from a lovely weekend visiting my friends at the University of Florida and somehow I came back to the city and got really sick almost immediately... So that's fun. I had to rally to take a midterm on Wednesday and after the midterm and hyped up on all sorts of DayQuil I met up with Kate and Carter... We had a great lunch at Obica (it was one of my favorite casual restaurants in Florence and there's one here in the city right near the flatiron building!) and then we walked over to Gramercy Park. Little did I realize, but Gramercy Park is privately maintained -- it's entirely locked off unless you have a key. But hey, if you're resourceful enough, you can make anything happen, right? We did manage to get into the park and it was so pretty! It's kind of an incredible little oasis of nature undisturbed by all of the grime that permeates the rest of the city. An untouched garden of freshly fallen leaves and fully blooming hydrangeas awaited us within its wrought iron gates, as well as some of the fattest squirrels I've seen, even by New York City standards. A mid-week moment of zen to be quickly overtaken by stress and sickness to the point where I've barely been able to leave bed all week. Nothing like a turn of the weather to make me under the weather, that annual fall sick finally caught up with me. Hopefully I'll be back up to full-force soon...

(I wore a J. Riley hunter green sweater with seersucker elbow patches over a JCrew blue pinstripe button-down, white JCrew corduroy ankle pants, two-tone Cole Haan riding boots, and a long layered pearl necklace from Ann Taylor.)

Thanks Carter for the photos! Check out: Carter Fish Photography