Middle of the Road

This past week and the next one are midterms weeks, which is both stressful and strange in the sense that it doesn't feel at all like we are already halfway through the semester... After my biggest midterm exam on Wednesday I just needed to stop focusing on anything for awhile, so I met up with Carter downtown and we wandered around the Financial District for a few hours. I think my mind has since checked out since studying so hard for that fried my brain. Good thing I'm leaving this weekend for fall break and heading up to New Hampshire and Maine with my mom. Yeah, I really need a break. I just wish it could last more than a few days...

(I wore a black flounce hem dress from LOFT, a patchwork plaid infinity scarf from LOFT, Alex + Ani bracelets, black lace up flats from Topshop, a white Kate Spade envelope cross body purse, and sunglasses from Target.)

Thanks Carter for the photos! Check out: Carter Fish Photography