Can't Stop Us

I had a bit of a free weekend, so what did I do to ensure that I couldn't possibly relax for a moment? I filled up my free time by going to Washington D.C. despite the imminent warning of a hurricane. Well, it paid off because Joaquin turned and the weather, though not perfect, was certainly bearable at a steady misty rain. Even a silly little hurricane can't stop us.

Carter and I woke up before dawn and hopped onto a 4 hour bus ride heading towards D.C. We arrived and headed immediately to Georgetown Cupcake, where we got the free cupcakes of the day (it's a thing, look it up). And since cupcakes for breakfast aren't particularly healthy we then went to Paul for a bigger breakfast and some much needed coffee. Leaving Paul, we meandered our way along the streets of Georgetown, stopping in a few stores along the way, before Carter received a call from her friend Marty. Come over to St. Albans School, he said, where he was organizing a photoshoot for J. Riley, the up-and-coming prepster clothing brand. Though we weren't sure what to expect, it soon turned into a 3 hour long photoshoot as we photographed around various locations and different outfits on each of the guys. Everyone was really nice and the guys had flown into D.C. from around the country, including from the University of Kentucky and Penn State. It was a fun experience and definitely an interesting way to spend our time in D.C. meeting and making connections with some great new people. After the shoot, we met up with my friend Joel, who went to American University last year and just transferred to Colombia. We all went back to Georgetown and walked around exploring for a little while before Carter and I had to head back to catch our bus. All in all, a good day of adventure. Less than 12 hours in D.C. only made me want to go back and explore some more.

(I wore a beige deer sweater from the late C. Wonder over a coral pinstriped button-down from Ralph Lauren, with a navy quilted JCrew excursion vest, dark wash AG denim jeans, bright lipstick pink Hunter boots, and Olive + Piper pearl earrings.)

Thanks Carter for the photos! Check out: Carter Fish Photography