Not So Smooth Sailing

I'm honestly so ready for this semester to be over. As usual, I committed to too many things and I'm kind of drowning right now and barely keeping my head above water. As the title says, the sailing hasn't been entirely smooth. I mean yes I do like keeping busy but there's a fine line between busy and overwhelmed. I'm trying desperately to stay just on the right side of that line. It doesn't help that I have a really hard time focusing on any one thing and that I would much rather be goofing around like I did all summer. I guess this outfit is a little wishful thinking at play.

(I wore this lovely little eco-friendly Amour Vert navy and white dress, a navy nautical necklace I bought in Marblehead, JCrew gold chain link bracelet, navy and white sailboat earrings, and Vince Camuto knot beige wedges.)

Thanks Carter for the photos! Check out: Carter Fish Photography