NYC: Juice Press

Juice Press

What's super trendy, comes in a vast array of flavor combinations, and can be entirely hit or miss? You guessed it -- pressed juices. Well look no further for your one stop shop of the best juices, smoothies, and health foods out there. They also just might be the sassiest, which I certainly appreciate (see some of their funny phrase stickers). 

My personal go-to favorite is the Glo juice, which for someone like me with a laughably weak immune system is freaking awesome, especially at this time of year. It's jam packed with orange, lemon, and grapefruit -- tons of citric acid that's rampant with Vitamins A and C and antioxidants galore. It's a sore-throat-be-gone in a bottle.

Other yummy options are: Fountain of Youth which is very easy to drink in the sense that it tastes like your typical fruit smoothie with berries, bananas, and coconut; Pink Punk which is full of a few of my favorite fresh fruits and vegetables including pineapple and beets; and Lucky Seven which is very similar to the Pink Punk but with even more good stuff packed inside and a bit of a stronger citrus taste! 

Don't forget their food, like the delicious pico de quinoa or their organic chocolates!

And for all you NYU students out there, the Juice Press on 10th St and 2nd Ave right on campus is a part of NYU's Campus Cash program! 

You should really just try it for yourself because it's so yummy -- I'm kind of obsessed and it's very likely you will be too! 

Thanks to Juice Press for providing the yummy juices in this post!