Falling for Fall

Please excuse my recent gap in blog posts, the wifi in the mountains is entirely unreliable -- who would've thought! For this lovely fall break weekend, my mom and I ventured north to find the most vibrant fall colors, the most quaint little covered bridges, the plethoras of pumpkin patches, the houses with the most character, and the most abundant feeling of the season: we went to Maine. At the tip top of New England, Maine is known for a few things, the first of which that came to my mind was lobster. As it turns out, there's a lot more than just lobster. We spent a day and a half in Kennebunkport, ME, a lovely town on the coast. We did a foodie tour in the morning where we tried everything from *the best* clam chowder I've ever eaten and whoopie pies (the official state treat of Maine) to fresh lobster and gourmet local-made olive oils and vinegars. One thing that I learned on the foodie tour that was particularly interesting to me is the ways in which Maine ensures the sustainability of its lobster population. They actually have laws in place to ensure that the lobster population is not overfished in the ways that it has been in many states and in the ways that many of the fish and clam population has been depleted. From what I heard, the rest of the coast could learn a little from the efforts Maine is making. That afternoon we explored the town a little more before driving north to Portland. I can now say that I've been to both the Portland in Oregon and in Maine and honestly they aren't particularly dissimilar. Both are very hipster, love their craft beer and locavore movements, and are surrounded by a large amount of wilderness. The really breathtaking thing about the area at this time of year is, of course, the changing leaves. We saw so many hills covered in blazing reds and oranges. The chilly cold is a small price to pay for those beautiful fall hues. 

(I wore a Vineyard Vines burgundy gingham popover button down, a black scuba mini skirt from Topshop, a burgundy loose-knit scarf from Aldo, a layered chain pearl necklace from Francesca's, Kate Spade gold bow earrings, Alex + Ani charm bracelets, Cole Haan two-tone riding boots, and off-white knit leg warmers from Forever 21.)