Florence Diaries: To Cap(e) it Off

Growing up in Florida has spoiled me, in many ways, but most specifically with its climate. Faced with frigid temperatures...well, I freeze, in all senses of the word. I can be seen wearing the same cashmere sweater and leggings for days on end, my hands stuffed into the pockets of whichever jacket, my mouth turned down into a constant miserable scowl that is really just my reaction to the cold wind. Now here I am in Florence, Italy, of all places -- and it's so damn cold. Oh and it's raining. Not exactly a warm and cozy welcome, thanks so much Jupiter for the hospitality. But on the up side, there are sales galore going on right now, so staying inside shopping is an ideal option. And of course, there's the delicious restaurants. And the extensive museums. And the gorgeous architecture and the little bars and cafes and the markets and... Yes, so far, despite the weather, I love Florence. I've been growing quickly oriented with the city, my list of favorite places is growing, I'm meeting new friends, I'm planning a trip to Venice, classes start tomorrow, and this is just the first week. 

(I wore a beige Zara cape over a burgundy Anthropologie long sleeved shirt, Madewell jeans, JCrew circle necklace, and Cole Haan two-tone riding boots.)

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