Don't Slow Down

Hurrying to get ready in the morning, running from place to place, stressing about what is due soon, constantly wishing I'd had more sleep…or more coffee. Ah, yes, the start of a new semester brings such joyous activities and occasions. Between getting moved into my new dorm, classes, ZTA activities and recruitment, working at Getty, writing for my new internship at College Fashionista, applying to various programs, completing homework on time, and attempting to keep up some semblance of a social life, I have had little time to slow down since landing back in NYC. I happen to be a person who needs this bustle in my life, so through the stress I'm happy to have so much going on because I know I'd be bored otherwise.

Of course, this week also happens to be fashion week. I attended the Venexiana show Saturday night as a photographer for the Washington Square News (article here) and all week I've been channeling my inner trendiness, stopping here and there to grab a new skirt or pair of heels. My excuse for these new (needed?) additions to my wardrobe? It's my birthday (week) and I'll buy if I want to! Happy birthday to me and happy Fashion Week, New York City! 

(I wore a cutout bralette and pink floral knee-length skirt both from Topshop, a scalloped necklace from Francesca's, and black heels and black and white tote from Aldo.)

Photo credit: The great and wonderful Lena Maio

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