The City of Gold

Johannesburg, familiarly known as Joburg, was the site of many infamous apartheid atrocities that took place in the 1970s and 80s, as well as various protests and riots against discrimination. The city is nicknamed the City of Gold; Johannesburg was settled around 1886 due to the discovery of large deposits of gold in the area and gold is still mined for today, with mines noticeably dotting the city.

A main reason we decided to take a trip to South Africa is my mom's friend Peggy. She and her two children had a house in Johannesburg for the summer while Peggy works out of the South Africa office of Human Rights Watch, the NGO for which she works. Thursday we explored historical sites of Johannesburg -- first Capitol Hill, where Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Ghandi were imprisioned along with thousands of others during the period of apartheid, then to Soweto, a district of the city that famously protested apartheid and the site of Mandela's house. The evening was spent at the house enjoying the sunset and some take out Indian food before re-packing to head to safari at Kruger National Park. (I wore an orchid-colored printed tank top from Anthropologie, army green JCrew skinny pants, brown combat boots from Target, a JCrew circle necklace, some beaded bracelets purchased at markets in Costa Rica and South Africa, and a beige fedora I bought at a market in Johannesburg, South Africa.)

All photography taken by me, portraits by my mom

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