Summer Internship: Monday

I started my first real, paid job about a month and a half ago working as an intern in the Research department at Getty Images. Getty Images is one of the largest stock imaging companies in the world and once you know the name, you will see the Getty name in the credit line of so many images and video clips, from magazines to textbooks to CNN. Within the first week, I'd already been handed some awesome projects and was being treated not so much like an intern as any employee, given responsibilities and assignments from everyone on the Research team. Getty is often raved about as one of the best offices to work in, and it really is -- everyone is very friendly and laid back, there's always so much free food (AKA my "summer diet" was often impossible), and the offices are located at the edge of TriBeCa, one of the coolest neighborhoods in NYC (just ask Taylor Swift, who is often spotted traversing TriBeCa's cobblestone streets). All in all it's been an awesome summer experience. 

In the spirit of the working world, I've decided to dedicate this week to my day-to-day working girl attire.

(I wore a white scalloped tank top from Tobi, grey Banana Republic suit pants, nude Nine West heels, pearl earrings, and my great new layered pearl and chain necklace from Target.)

Photo credit: Lena Maio

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