A Family Affair, An American Dream

It was really nice to spend the weekend with my mom and grandma, especially since I've barely seen them in the past year at college. My grandma is one of the most stubborn people I know and though her whole family lives in Michigan, she has refused for years to get on a plane and go visit them. Thus, this was my first time meeting the great bulk of my family, from my 90-year-old great aunt to my fourth cousins. It was actually a very eye-opening experience and I came back to New York with fresh eyes -- I am so grateful for my grandma for pushing her daughters to get an education and make something of themselves, and my mom for pushing me even further. I realize what a huge leap this was for them, coming from a small town and a family who never sought higher education, content to stay as they were. My grandma saw a better future, for her and her daughters, the true and actual realization of the American dream. I am so proud of her and my mother for all that they have done, for coming so far from where they started. (I wore a navy and white nautical striped Zara dress, brown espadrille wedges from Vince Camuto, and a lapiz blue necklace from Madewell.)

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