An Ending and a Beginning

I just finished my freshman year of college; I'm trying to let that sink in. So much has changed in just a few months, my entire life has been flipped upside down and back again and it's all a mess, honestly. But it keeps going somehow. It was a good freshman year through all the ups and downs -- I met tons of new and exciting people, got decent grades, partied almost every weekend, and ate my way through NYC (5oz. Factory knows my order and my name, it's a struggle). Phew, one year down, three to go.

So here I am back home in Florida for the weekend and I missed it like crazy and I'm going to miss it all summer since I'll be spending the summer in the city. I have an internship for Getty Images, which I'm really excited about -- it's exactly the type of amazing opportunity that can only be had in NYC. Regardless, my feelings are mixed between excitement for my first real job and trepidation due to the severe homesickness I've been feeling the past two semesters at NYU. We'll see how it goes. I leave home tomorrow, again, heading back to the city, even though I feel like I just arrived. I spent these past few days with my friends and family, attempting to see everyone and do everything that I miss while up north. It's been great, Florida, I'll see you soon.

(I wore a matching blue and white damask crop top and shorts from LF Stores and brown sandals from Urban Outfitters. Jordan wore a navy blue dress from Free People and sandals from Steve Madden. Nick wore a Hawaiian print shirt, Nantucket red shorts, and navy blue espadrilles all from H&M. Floppy straw hat from Target. Can I just say, I have such wonderful trendy friends, love you guys.)

Photo credit: Lena Maio

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