Go with the Flow

Sometimes things don't go as planned. In fact, even the best thought out plans go awry and often they do; yet, we inevitably resist the mess that is the world and try to force order. I don't know why I'm feeling so existential here, but it's been a rough couple of days and nights and I'm trying to fight my natural inclinations and go with the flow. I've never been good at "going with the flow," I somehow missed that trait of Floridians. I had planned my next post to be about ZTA formal, but the event was postponed in a great mess of miscommunications. Oh well, nothing can be done, right? I guess I will spend my now free weekend catching up on homework instead, maybe I can do something about my suffering grades. (I wore a white lace peplum top from Ann Taylor Loft, Abercrombie jeans, white Aldo sandals, a pink Lilly Pulitzer blazer, a string of pearls, and carrying my favorite Tory Burch bag.)

Photo credit: Lena Maio

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