A Much Needed Break

Ah, Spring Break, a time to flock towards warmth, where Florida is full of insane young tourists for over a month. For me, though, this is heading home and damn does it feel good. Trading in the jackets and scarves for shorts and sunglasses, enjoying the sunny mid-70s weather, driving my car, cuddling with my dog -- Florida really is the good life. After a stressful midterm exam and a long travel day Thursday, I slept in Friday and woke up slowly, getting myself reluctantly up to go to lunch with my mom and friends Owen and Tim at my favorite local restaurant, The Perfect Caper. After lunch, we hopped in Nelson (my car is named Nelson the Nissan), picked up my dog Lucky, and headed to the park to soak up some warmth. Lucky loved getting out of the house for awhile and I loved catching up with and spending time with Tim and Owen. I am excited to head to Miami tomorrow to spend the rest of break partying with my sorority sisters on South Beach! (I wore an Everly lavender blouse, Lucca Couture white lace high-waist shorts, white sandals from Aldo, and a monogrammed necklace from Marley Lilly.)

Photo credit: Tim Degilio

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