Two of the Best: Lilly and Carly!

Sometimes I really am glad to live in a city like New York because of the insane opportunities that you just wouldn't get anywhere else -- like the chance to head uptown, walk into Lilly Pulitzer, and meet one of your style icons, Carly Heitlinger (AKA The College Prepster)! She is one of the sweetest people and we talked for awhile, reminiscing about the Florida warmth of our home state. I felt so at home when she and the event photographer complimented my pink JCrew peacoat, something that is often looked down upon in a sea of black and navy knee length Monclers and Canada Goose Downs.  I was jealous to hear she is heading to the Dominican Republic this weekend with her Lilly bathing suit in tow to lounge on a warm beach soaking up the sun. All in all, as difficult as NYC can be, you just can't get a city like this anywhere else.