New York Fashion Week 2014

I recently had the opportunities to attend a few different fashion shows as a photographer for the Washington Square News (NYU's student newspaper). First, Carmen Marc Valvo. The show was medieval inspired, from the chain mail and studs to the bland frocks and strange hairstyles. The show was a blur to me since it was my first time photographing a fashion show, but looking back at the styles and considering the general tone set my the medieval mixed music, it was not anything special. 

The next show I went to was Pamella Roland, which included a truly stunning collection. The pieces were chic and elegant, dispersed with shine and sparkle, fur, tribal patterns, fringe, and feathers. The show took cues from New York City itself -- before it began the stage was lit with a skyline and Roland is quoted saying backstage "We have some shine because of the Chrysler building; not too much, very tastefully done." While the reviews of many style sites are harsh, saying the show was sparse and repetitive, I thought it was glamorously classic. I also loved the energy of the show, with pump-up music the models expertly strutted to the beat, clearly having fun and enjoying themselves. 

All photos here taken by me

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